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Event of Quran Burn Canceled by Florida State Minister

The event of Quran burning which had been scheduled for Saturday was canceled by the Christian minister of a small church in Florida. It was planned that a Christian priest named terry jones set an event to burn copies of Muslims holy book Quran, on the ninth anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States

That planned protest had flashed angry demonstrations by Muslims all around the world.  The preacher Terry Jones announced his change of mind at a news conference late Thursday in front of his church in Gainesville, Florida.

Muslims of American state should protest against this event of Quran burning by learning Quran online on the internet. Like teaches online Quran to the Muslims of international countries. Read some interesting articles here on U.S President Obama oppose the plan to burn Quran Event and Mistranslation of Quran in Kabul.


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