Quran reading for the Non-Muslims
 The Quran reading is very much encouraged by Allah Almighty and it has certain manners. Allah Almighty says in the Quran,
“Or add to it, and recite the Quran as it ought to be recited”. Quran Al-Muzzammil [73:4]
Of course while doing the Quran reading; the Muslims adhere to certain manners. The guidelines are given in the Quran and are explained by Islamic scholars.
However, the guidelines about letting a non-Muslims do the Quran reading are different and the Muslims must know about it. Allah almighty says in the Quran,
“And that I should recite the Quran. Therefore, whoever goes aright, he goes aright for his own soul, and whoever goes ' astray, then say: I am only one of the warners”. Quran An-Naml [27:92]
If a non-Muslim wants to do the Quran reading, take care of the following things.
1. If we try to stop non-Muslims from the Quran reading, it will be a sin.
2. The Quran is guidance for the entire humanity. Allah Almighty has chosen Islam as the best religion for all the human beings.
3. Do not say things of contempt to the non-Muslims; instead, you should encourage him or her with your good behavior to read the Quran.
And when you recite the Quran, We place between you and those who do not believe in the hereafter a hidden barrier. Quran Al-Isra [17:45]

World Islamic Banking Conference Backed by BFX

The BFX (Bahrian Financial Exchange ) being one of the first multi asset in the Middle East and the states of North Africa announced the sponsorship of the World Islamic Banking 17th Conference (WIBC 2010) as a partner for strategic exchange. This conference of the Worlds Islamic Banking would be taking place form 22nd to 23rd November in Bahrain.  

Quran Online

The WIBC is one of the most widely organized and recognized most important and Islamic conference in the world. The conferences patronage will be convened under the patronage of the Primne Minister of Bahrain Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa. This WIBC is expected to attract around 1,200 leaders all around the Islamic finances countries with more over 50. The Quran Online is a resource on the internet for teachings of Islamic and Quranic teachings. One can use Quran Online for learning how to read and memorize the Holy Quran using the Internet. Here is an interesting post for you to read Unity in the Muslim World Appealed by the Secretary General of MWL.

Global Mutations regarding to Protect the Muslim World’s Supreme Interests Urged

Dr Abdualaziz Othman Altwaijri the Director General of the Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) called a meeting to discuss that how a stronger solidarity between the Muslim Ummahs can be made on the basis of relation to avoid and prevent all conflicts that arise in the path in uniting the Ummah.

Quran Online

On the occasion of this Eid Al Adha, Dr Abdualaziz sent in a message send to all the Muslims of the world that the need of the hour is to overcome the increasing tensions in various parts of the Muslim world. These ongoing tensions are a result of the conflicts between the members of the government along with strong foreign influence. He further said that these interests and influence of the foreign countries runs counter to the supreme interests of the Muslims in the World. Steps should be taken to raise the voice of Muslim desires if they want a solution and an end to these problems. 

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Malta: ISESCO Participation in a Regional Conference

The (ISESCO) Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization took part in the first regional conference held in Malta, in the city of Valetta on 8th to 9th November 2010. The reason why this regional conference took place was for the Mediterranean of United Nations Alliance of Civilizations. The ISESCO was represented in the conference by Mohamed Bensalah.      

Quran Online

This conference was organized by the (UNAOC) Office of the High representative of United Nation Alliance of Civilizations. A dialogue and a regional strategy was defined in the conference for the Mediterranean and its implementation Act from 2011 to 2015. The Quran Online is a place for learning how to read and memorize the Holy Book of Allah using the internet as a resource. Reading the Quran is obligatory for every Muslim for which Quran Online provides an ultimate platform. Read an interesting post here on Dhul Hijjah: Conference to Discuss Start Date for this Holy Month.

“Service to Humanity” International Forum Hosted by Turkey

On 22nd October 2010 the international conference on the service to humanity took place in Istanbul where representatives from all across the Muslim globe were present. According to resources this forum was organized by the Islamic university of India in cooperation with Turkey Marefat Association. The main aim of this session of forum was how lofty human status is in Islam.   

Quran Online

About 300 Islamic experts and intellectual form more than 40 countries all over the Muslim globe attended the conference. This conference was attended by some of the great name including Addolah ben Bieh the vice president of the Muslim crisis league and many more. This was one of such event that gained attention of the Muslims all over the globe and appreciated too.

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Islamic Law and Fatwa Issues should be concurred by Religious Authorities


The political parties of Malaysia raised a voice that the religious authorities in the country should avoid being a silent syndrome when facing issues relating to religion. They further said that being silent on these issues can lead to disharmony among the people and Create negative perception against Islam.

Quran Online

 The chief of Datuk Rosli Husin Bukit Gantang Umno said that the religious councils as well as the Islamic development department of Malaysia should be acting more actively and aggressively to concur issues relating to Islamic laws and fatwa.  He further proposed to upgrade the ministry that could help tune all matters relating to Islamic laws with in the country.

Quran Online is a place on the Internet for learning how to read Quran with proper Pronunciation and Tajweed.  Here is an interesting post for you to read Saudi Arabia: 31 Judges Assigned to Work during Hajj.

Sarajevo: Construction of a New Mosque

The capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo has about a total of 120 mosques but bow ever Iidza is the only part of the capital without a mosque. Now the Muslims living there woud be getting one soon.

 Quran OnlineQuran Online

The whole mosque is going to built in the shape of a dome which is a bold concept of modern Islamic architecture. The location of this Mosque would be close to river Zelieznica and the Sarajevo;s Airport. The requirements for building this mosque are due to the increasing number of Muslim believers in the region. This construction of the mosque is largely financed with the Muslim community of Iidza. 

The Quran Online is a place on the internet, from where one can learn the teachings of the Quran. As Quran is an obligation for every Muslim, so it is our duty to read the holy book. The Holy Quran provides all ways how Islamic banking and finance should be undertaken. Read an interesting post here on Hajj: The Holy Exercise.

Karbala: “The Muslim Family” Magazine

According to news resources the holy city of Shrine in karbala released the first copy of the magazine called “The Muslim Family”. This copy of the magazine is released by the information center of Imam Hussein (AS). This magazine contains wide range of topics and discussions regarding the female Muslim activates like articles, reports and interviews. This magazine also provides interesting stories about women accomplishments in the Islamic history too.

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Saim J Kadim being the editor chief of this magazine told that this magazine published contains 36 pages. The purpose behind the release of this magazine is to promote the cultural and religious knowledge with in the Muslim families. This is one magazine to look out for and is a great way of spreading the light of Islam and Quran. Quran Online is a place for learning how to read and memorize the Quran via Internet. Quran Online has got online tutors available to teach you Quran if you want to avail there services.  Here is an interesting post for you to read Quran Competition Winners of Ethiopia’s Honored.

Yemen: Quran Contest for Military Staff

On 23rd October 2010 the first Quran memorization contest for the Yemeni military and security forces got launched at the in the capital city of Sana in Al Salih Mosque. This contest will last for 15 days. According to news resources this contest is organized by Military and Al-Vahvevn Quran Memorization Academy and is being held in the presence of 100 contenders.   

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The charge of this Spiritual Guidance Ali H.Al Shatir told that this aim of this contest is to educate and encourage the military forces to personally get involve in to learning and memorizing the Holy Quran. Quran Online is a resource available on the internet for learning how to read and memorize the Quran with proper translation and pronunciation.  Here is an interesting post for you to read Moscow: Quran Reciting Competition.

Kuwait: Selected Islamic Figures Honored

The International bank of Kuwait hosted a forum on 20 October 2010 for paying a tribute to the world’s greatest Islamic intellectual figures. In an interview with Zia Alosfour the executive manager of Kuwait’s international bank said the names of those people who got recognized due to their contributions and complications of Islamic work got honored on this event. The making of these lists were carried out under the supervision of the ISESCO.       

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Other then this he added that the other known Islamic Personalities all around the globe for their social activities also got honored. Some those included personalities like Isa Alabidli, Kuwaiti Owqaf and Islamic affairs organization’s representative etc. This forum was held in Alsalemieh at the Holiday Hotel. Events like these should be organized in other part of the Muslim world too as these events helps in uniting the Muslim world. Quran Online is a place available for learning how to read and memorize the Quran using internet as a resource. Read an interesting post here on  Qatar: 8th Forum of International Interfaith Dialogue.


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