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How Quran TV is beneficial in today’s Media commercialism:

The rapid paced life of human today has given us so many responsibilities that that we have forgotten the value that reading Quran has. Some of us are very keen in learning from the Quran Online , others rarely touch it. Today’s media war also contribute a lot and yet we fail read Quran through book. Quran TV is a complete forum where we can not only listen Quran but also the translation in different languages and different discussions on everyday issues in the light of Islamic teachings and Quranic verses.

Quran TV tells us to understand the true meaning of Islam and guide us our purpose of creation. Why were we created? Why were mankind given the respect of ultimate best than other animals? We are created to worship the Allah and glorify his kingdom over Heaven and Earth. Here are some interesting posts for you to read What are the Islamic teaching against Terrorism and U.S President Obama oppose the plan to burn Quran Event.


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